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The Tenement House

The Tenement House provides a rare glimpse into life in Glasgow in the early 20th century, in the faithfully restored four-room house lived in by Miss Agnes Toward for over half a century.

See what it meant to be an ‘independent woman’ in the first half of the 20th century; experience how ordinary folk lived, and appreciate how many of the household amenities we now take for granted were considered luxuries less than a century ago.

Authentic gas lighting has been installed to recreate the atmosphere of the house, which didn’t have electric lighting until 1960.

An exhibition on the ground floor makes the most of Miss Toward’s extensive personal archive, providing a valuable time capsule for visitors today.

Admission: £6.50

Opening Times: 1 April - 31 October 2017

Getting There

Nearest Station: Glasgow Charing Cross

145 Buccleuch Street,
G3 6QN

Phone Number: 0141 333 0183

Website: nts.org.uk

Disabled Access

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