Free Shipping to The USA, Canada and Europe

With the Rail Safeguard Plan Plus

ACP Rail has launched a new package to ensure travelers are protected if they lose or get their rail pass stolen, plus get a few extras such as free shipping to clients in The USA, Canada and Europe.

New Rail Safeguard Plan Plus
- The Rail Pass Safeguard Plan for lost or stolen passes *
- Free regular shipping (for clients of the US, Canada and Europe)
- Maps, timetables and travelers guide (if applicable to the product purchased)
- Complimentary ACP Rail/BritRail phone card worth $5 and 5 free minutes of International long distance

- Automatically be entered into ACP Rail’s draw for a rail holiday in Australia**

*ACP Rail will reimburse the holder(s) named on the rail pass or ticket, in case of theft or accidental loss of the rail pass or ticket. Each claim is reimbursed for the unused value at the time of theft or loss subject to exclusions, conditions and limitations.  Please consult FAQ’s for further details on the Rail Pass Safeguard Plan.

** You can also enter for a chance to win at as no purchase is necessary.

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  • vaishali

    I am scheduled to travel to London this week and would be procuring the passes online. Please guide the collection process. Will they be available at the airport, train staion or the print out from my computer suffice to use it?

    Thank you.

  • angela

    We would ship your order by FEDEX which typically takes a few days to receive.

    Unfortunately we can only issue the actual physical ticket which we would have to send to you prior to your departure for the UK.

  • b k tripathi

    i wish to travel from london to blackpool, plz guide me as to what type of pass should i go for, whether it can be purchased in n delhi, india
    if not what is the time and charges required to be sent to my place.

  • angela

    To choose your pass, BritRail’s Trip Planner is a great tool The BritRail England Pass includes travel from London to Blackpool.
    Unfortunately we can only issue the actual physical pass that we would need to send to you prior to your departure for the UK. Shipping time and charges ultimately depends on the shipping option you select on our website during the check-out process.
    Please email if you have any further questions.

  • t w

    How much is the shipping fee to Australia and how long does it take to receive them of we buy on this website?

  • angela

    From our distribution center in Australia, regular shipping is 10 AUD and it takes up to 7 business days. Priority shipping is 25 AUD and it takes up to 5 business days.

  • favorov

    Trying to order BritRail pass to Russia, I am offered two shipping options: free Normal (up to 5 days) and EUR15 Priority (2 days). Knowing the average time of mail delivery from US to Russia it seems too quick to be anywhere near reality. Or do you send them from Russia proper? Or does “priority” means Fedex?

  • angela

    We have a distribution facility in London. If you require it soon I suggest you select the priority option as it is a traceable courier service, similar to FedEx.

  • Federico

    Is it possible to buy BritRail Pass in England or it is only available on this website?

  • angela

    Hi Federico,

    BritRail Passes are only available to international travelers so it is not possible to buy your pass in England.

  • Batmannw

    Planning to visit England next month. Arriving Gatwick. Staying in London near Paddington station. Plan to go to Canterbury and Dover. What is best rail option? Can we order online and get pass at Gatwick upon arrival?

  • angela

    Your best rail option is the BritRail London Plus Pass.
    Please note we would have to send your pass prior to your departure for the UK.

  • William


    I am traveling to the UK in the fall with my wife, and kids, 6 and 11. I need to travel to Luton and Hemel Hempstead for the first 6 days and mainly London sightseeing for the for the other 7. What are my best option(s)?

  • William

    I should have added my hotel is in London for the length of my stay.

  • Jill

    Arriving in Manchester Airport and after spending the next few days in North Wales, my co-traveler and I plan to go to Ireland, starting with Dublin. Beyond Dublin, is the Brit Rail pass much use? Also, how does the rail pass coordinate with the ferry system, if at all?

  • verdims

    I am planning to buy London Plus Pass. I believe it is included 2 airport express tickets? Can I use it on 2 different days ie. from LHR-paddington and paddington-LHR
    How do you ship it to Jakarta, Indonesia?

  • EricMF

    For purchasing point to point round-trip tickets, do need to send physical tickets to me?

    I am departing the US on 10/13, so would like to know whether it is feasible to purchase tickets in advance.

  • Fred

    Hi Jill,
    The Britrail + Ireland pass is valid for rail travel in the UK and throughout Ireland. Unfortunately the Britrail pass is not valid on the ferries, however you can purchase a BritRail Irish Sea Crossing ( separately.

  • Fred

    @ Verdims

    The London Plus pass includes 2 vouchers that can be used on the Heathrow Express.
    The 2 vouchers can be used on different days and for different directions but must be used within the validity period of your pass.
    The pass is sent to you by International Priority or by Post from our London office.

  • Fred

    @ EricMF

    We can only issue the actual physical ticket that we would have to send to you prior to your departure for the UK.

  • RickP

    Plan to buy Britrail pass for this June. We will pass through London and have to transfer from King’s Cross to Waterloo. Is the pass good to use on the London Underground?

  • Fred

    A BritRail Pass is not valid for travel on the London Underground.

  • Jennifer

    I plan to travel from London to Kendal via Salisbury and Bath Spa from 9-11 March. After a 3 day visit with relatives, I then plan to return south visiting friends and relatives in Newcastle, York, Berkhamstead, London and Brighton over a period of 6 days (15-20 March). I will be traveling with two children (ages 14 and 12). Is it most economical to purchase two separate BritRail Consecutive Day Passes to cover the different segments of our trip? How will the passes be sent to me; how long will it take to arrive; and are there additional charges to send the passes. I live near Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in Wolfville.

  • Fred

    Hi Jennifer,

    Your option would be to purchase a FlexiPass as you would probably not be traveling every day.

    For example you can purchase 2 adult BritRail England flexiPass for 8 days, within a 2 month period.This will allow you 8 days of unlimited rail travel throughout England.For each adult pass purchased, you would be entitled to a similar child pass for free.

    Your order is shipped by FEDEX which usually takes a few days to receive.

    Please contact our Call Center at the Toll Free number below and they will help you with your booking.Toll Free: 1-866-938-7245.

  • Karen

    I’m looking to purchase the BritRail pass but require clarification. This shows inclusion of an Airport Express ticket. Please confirm this is “one way” only and I need to purchase the return express tickets separately. Can/do I use the Oyster Pass as we exit the Victoria Station train? Lastly, will the tickets arrive with maps and train schedules?

  • Fred

    Please note the BritRail Pass (Flexi and Consecutive) is valid for the Airport Express trains and no separate ticket is necessary.

    Please also note the Airport Express trains will take one day from your BritRail pass regardless if that is the only trip you make in a day (you otherwise have unlimited use for each day).

    Your option would be to purchase a separate Airport Express ticket and save the day from your BritRail pass for a longer travel day.

    You can start using your Oyster for the London Public Transportation system when you arrive at Victoria station.

  • Frederick

    Sorry, you haven’t answered my above question. How long does it take to ship a pass to California USA? I don’t dare plan a trip and order one without knowing if it will arrive in time. Thank you most kindly. I have postponed possible travel over this. Can you please respond? Thanks! Fred

  • Fred

    Dear Fred,

    We would ship your order by FEDEX which would usually take a few days to receive.

  • eddie

    You advertise FREE shipping but when I go to check out you charge for shipping.

  • Fred

    Free Shipping to The USA, Canada and Europe with the Rail Safeguard Plan Plus. If you did not select the Rail Safeguard Plan Plus, then shipping will not be free.


    We are a group of 4 traveling from Mexico, 2 Senior ,2 adult.
    If we buy the London flexible pass 3 day, we are able to travel during 3 not fixed dates right??

    How could we collect our passess, I believe you do not ship to Mexico or do you ??

  • Fred

    Hi Hector,

    Yes, you can travel 3 days on a 2 month period. These 3 days can be consecutive or not.

    We do ship tickets to Mexico, we have many fulfillment centers all around the world, so you will receive your vouchers by mail. Then, you will have to exchange them in a train station in the UK.

  • Greg

    I am departing for the UK on March 31 but will not be able to use the rail pass until April 10 when I break away from my group. For departure date do I list March 31 or April 10?Does “departure” mean when I leave for the UK? I understand that you may “activate” the pass within six months of receiving it, correct?

  • Cheryl

    I am planning a 9 day trip to London with my daughter and her friend at the end of May. We will be staying in London for 7 nights. While in London We will be visiting Bath and Oxford. We will then be going to Carnforth and visiting Capernwray. We will be spending one night in Capernwray and then coming back for 1 more night in London. What is the best rail pass to purchase. Can I go to Bath on a rail pass? Does buying a rail pass save me much money?

  • Bob

    I will be spending 8 days in England & Scotland and will be traveling by train on 5 of those days.

    What is the best rail bass to purchase?

  • Kevin

    I have been trying to book 2 first class seat reservations (I have Flexi passes) from Plymouth to Bath Spa on May 17 as well as 2 first class reservations on May 20 from Bath Spa to London, but I keep getting an error report indication that there are no results on the search. I know trains run to and from all of these places – what am I doing wrong?

  • Amar Surana

    I am from India. Please can you confirm If I purchase a Brit Rail Pass from internet then in how many days I receive the same.

  • Ron

    Purchasing a BritRail Flex pass for five of us for 8 days. Each day we use the pass do we all have to travel on the same train at the same time? And. Each day we get on the train can we travel about as much as we like, getting off and on as often as we please during that day only using the one day of the ticket?

  • Fred

    With a BritRail Party Pass you will receive one BritRail pass to be used by the group so yes you must travel together.
    Yes with a BritRail Pass you can use the train, getting on and off as often as you like, throughout a travel day.


    how much is the shipping fee for Singapore

  • Fred

    Hello Jasper, shipping for Singapore costs 28.00€

  • loscepone

    How long does it takes to receive the Britrail ticket to Mexico. I am planning to go to England next July. Thank you.

  • Fred

    Hello, once you complete an order, you’ll receive it with 7 business days.

  • Panic

    We are a family of Four(2 adults & two kids 16+14 years old) planning to visit London on the 10th of July 2011. Which pass should we buy in order to travel from London Heathrow Airport Terminal 1 to Russell Square station. Also note that we will be in London until 12th of July, so we need a pass for three days.

  • Fred

    It depends where you plan on traveling to from London. A BritRail Pass is good to visit neighboring cities (see BritRail’s London Plus Pass), but is not necessary for travel if you are just staying within London (see Oyster Card or London Visitor travel card).

  • Jenny

    I am senior age & would be travelling on my own. Perhaps I started filling out the application form wrong, but can you buy senior flexipasses without also buying an adult flexipass? When I typed in 0 adult & 1 senior, up popped “passenger 1″. I think I’m confused about this. Did passenger 1 mean someone travelling with me, or is passenger 1 me?
    Also, with a flexipass, do we just show up at station, or do we have to reserve ahead?

  • Fred

    Hi Jenny,

    You are passenger 1.
    This is where you will specify your age, to qualify you for the correct passes and any applicable senior discounts.

    When traveling with a BritRail Pass, seat reservations are not required, they are optional. However, it is recommended to make
    seat reservations if you want to be assured a seat on a specific train.

    Other cases where seat reservations are advisable include: peak time on long haul trains just before Christmas, around Easter, and Summer Saturdays to the West Country, Friday afternoons out of London in Standard Class, early mornings on weekdays in First Class, and groups taking long journeys.

  • Eli

    I am interested in buying the Britrail London Plus Pass valid for 4 days which costs 199 dollars but I would like to know if taxes and delivery are included. Also if it is possible to buy it here and collect it on arrival at Heathrow Airport. I’m in Buenos Aires, departing for London next month.
    Thank U!

  • Kathleen

    Hi: I am leaving for the UK on the 29th of July (2 weeks from today) and just bought a BritRail pass last night. I chose priority mail so that it would be sure to arrive on time, but I realized this morning that the Canadian postal strike might affect even priority courier. Do you use the public postal service for priority mail? Or do you use a service like FedEx.
    And if you use the public service, is there any way of picking up the passes in person during the strike? I’m in Toronto.

  • Fred

    Hi Kathleen,
    For shipping in Canada we use FedEx. Your BritRail Pass will be shipped from our distribution center in Montreal so it will only take a few days. Happy travels!

  • Fred

    Hi Eli,
    This price doesn’t include shipping. As shipping options and rates are relative to your country please proceed to checkout to view the shipping rate to Argentina. As BritRail Passes are only available to international travelers you must purchase and receive your pass before arriving in the UK.

  • PJF

    I will be purchasing an 8 day consecutive party pass. One person in our party will be arriving at Heathrow after the other three. Will we be able to use our Heathrow Express TIX as a group of 3, and then the single, or must the Heathrow Express also be used as a “party” pass with all 4 of us traveling together?

  • Fred

    You will receive one BritRail pass to accommodate your ‘party’. It is this one BritRail pass that allows travel on the Heathrow Express, so it must also be used by those traveling together.

  • beth

    If I purchase a britrail pass online, can I pick it up at heathrow when I arrive in country?

  • Fred

    Hi Beth,

    BritRail Passes are for sale to international travelers and therefore must be purchased and shipped to you before you arrive in the UK.

  • Peter

    I want to visit Cardiff, London, York, Edinburgh and Glasgow in 4 days or so. What pass would be best to buy? I live in Ireland and I’m also wondering if any passes give me any entitlement on ferries or something similar?

  • Fred

    HI Peter,

    A BritRail Pass would be best as it includes travel in England, Scotland and Wales.
    If you would like a pass for 4 days, you can choose between a Consecutive Pass or a Flexi Pass.

    As you mention you live in Ireland, please note that you are eligible to buy a BritRail Pass if you are not a UK resident.

    Please note that the BritRail Pass doesn’t include travel on ferries, this can be purchased separately,

  • CharliB

    Hi, just wondered if you can get the BritRail pass delivered to the UK? I am not a UK resident but am already in the UK and know that the BritRail passes offer the best deals. Thank you!

  • Virginia

    I just wanted to clarify on something that was written back in 2011 by Fred. He said “Please also note the Airport Express trains will take one day from your BritRail pass regardless if that is the only trip you make in a day (you otherwise have unlimited use for each day).” So does that mean on an 8 day pass that just the Airport Express ride is one day? I had assumed you could take the Airport express and then catch a train later that same day to someplace like Oxford all for one day on your pass. Am I just overthinking this?

  • Fred

    Hi Virginia,

    To clarify, with a BritRail Pass you can take as many train trips as you like on each travel day. You can take the Airport Express train and then catch a train later that day, all for just one day on your pass.

    I think the comment you are referring to was trying to state that taking the Airport Express train requires the use of a travel day on your pass – whether the pass holder plans on taking additional trains on that same day or not.

    Hope that helps!

  • Arica

    This 01/07/2012 will stay in Fareham 2 weeks, i want to visit Portsmouth, Southampton & London within 2 weeks, so what pass would be best to buy ? the pass take how many days deliver to Singapore ? Any charges for shipping ?


  • Fred

    You might consider the BritRail England Flexipass ( which is valid for unlimited rail travel throughout England.

    We would ship your order by International Priority shipping from our Beijing office which usually takes about 8 business days to receive.

    Yes there is a shipping charge – for rates please select your shipping option during the booking process.

  • Arica

    How about BritRail London Plus Pass ? is it also suitable and unlimited rail travel to Portsmouth, Southampton & London ?


  • Fred

    Yes, this is another possible option. You may find the trip planner useful. You can input the cities you want to visit and see which pass is best for you:

  • James

    Hi, I will be purchasing a 4 day England Flexi pass. At the moment, I have a vaild Eurail pass which according to the britrail website, entitles a discount (Eurail Pass holder rate). However, on check out, the option to select this discount is not available. Any advice?


  • Fred

    Hi James,
    Please note that the Eurail Pass holder rate is for youth, between the ages of 16 and 25 (inclusive). After clicking “Get Your Pass”, you must enter your age to view any available discounts. Then click “Check prices and availabilities”.

  • Ana

    Hi, I’m from Switzerland and would like to travel in Scotland in July. Is it possible to by the Pass Freedom of Scotland in any station or airport in Scotland, or do I need to order it in advance online ? In Switzerland Travel agents tell me that I can buy it in Scotland…
    Thanks for ur answer.

  • Ian

    Four of us are coming to England in August. Does the Britrail pass include trains from Edinburgh to London and London to Oxford, Cambridge and CAnterbury ? Thank you

  • Fred

    Yes a BritRail Pass includes travel throughout England, Scotland and Wales on all trains of Britain’s National Rail network:

  • Fred

    Hi Ana,

    BritRail Passes are only available to international travelers so you must purchase your BritRail Pass prior to arriving in Scotland.

  • Kelly

    We leave for London in one week. Is it possible to purchase a BritRail Pass and receive it in time?

  • Fred

    Hi Kelly

    For general shipping guidelines please see here:

  • Evelyn

    How many days would it take for my pass to be shipped in Greece if I also purchase Rail Safeguard Plan Plus?

  • RubenBastien

    Hi Evelyn,

    You should allow 3-5 business for your shipment to arrive.

  • Rashmi

    Does the Britrail London Plus pass also include travel on the tube and train system in London besides south east england area?

  • RubenBastien

    BritRail Passes can only be used on the trains that are part of the national rail system in the UK. You cannot use a BritRail pass for the bus or the tube within London. If you plan on using public transit within London, I would suggest getting an Oyster card or a London Visitor Travel Card in addition to your rail pass. Both are available on this page:

  • Peru

    I notice that there is no free shipping to Asia even if I buy the Tail Safeguard Plan. Can I pick up the pass at Heathrow Airport?
    If that is not possible, what is the charge to ship 2 passes to Singapore?

  • RubenBastien

    The rail passes are shipped and cannot be picked up at the airport. Shipping to Singapore is about $34 US and you should allow 3-5 business days for delivery. You can find more information about shipping on this page:

  • Gordon

    We arrive in London on April 30th. Under the FAQ section it states “Passes – - – must be validated – - – prior to the first day of use. Will we be able to validate our passes and use them to travel to York on April 30th?

  • RubenBastien

    Yes. To validate your pass, you simply need to head to the ticket office prior to taking your first train. The officer will simply stamp your pass and you will be able to travel with it from then on.

  • tony pywellie

    Hey …. i live in Norway , and have done so for 14 years …. but i am a british passport holder … i wiil be travelling around the uk in June with my norwegian wife, will this be a problem when i arrive in the uk and validate my britrail pass ??

  • RubenBastien

    You should be be able to use a BritRail Pass as long as you are not a UK resident. If they request documents other than your passport, you can show the ticket for your return flight or a nationally issued ID.

  • Gerson Nastri

    Hi ,I am from Brasil and I would like to buy BRITRAIL CONSECUTIVE PASS .My first day use will be 2013-05-31 . Is it possible to purchase and take the pass in England ?

  • Jennifer Plumb Foster

    How many days to ship th pass to the US? We leave for London on May 1st, so we have about 3 weeks.

  • RubenBastien

    3 weeks is definitely enough time for you to receive your documents as regular shipping to the US usually takes between 2-5 business days. You can find more information about shipping by following this link

  • Joanie Lingle

    We are an American family with 2 young kids, working in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We will arrive in London 5 July for a week, before travelling up north to Wales. How can we purchase the BritRail Family Pass and ensure that it will arrive in Dhaka on time? Mails has sometimes fail to arrive or items stolen. Is there a service where we can purchase prior to arriving in London, but picked it up at the Heathrow Airport?

  • RubenBastien

    Unfortunately, we can only send you the BritRail Pass to a physical address. It is not possible to pick up the BritRail pass at the Airport. You may however be able to have the package delivered at a different address. You would need to get in touch with a customer support representative either by email or by phone to see how they can help arrange a delivery to a different address or to a hotel. You can find our contact information on this page:

  • QQ

    Hello, before I arrived UK I couldn’t decide the first day to use the pass. Now I want to book the pass, but I’m currently in UK. How can I get the pass as it is not possible for me to go back to my country and pick up the card then come again. Am I able to collect the pass at king’s cross on the spot????

  • QQ

    Hi, before I arrived England I couldn’t make sure which day will be the first day of traveling. Now I see they must ship the pass to the place I stay which is Singapore. But it’s impossible for me to go back and pick it up then come to UK again. Am I able to collect it in UK. If it’s possible I will book it now.

  • RubenBastien

    Unfortunately, BritRail Passes are not sold in the UK and must be purchased prior to your travel. You should also note that while you are asked to enter a first day of use when you book your BritRail Pass, you can activate your pass anytime within 6 months of the date you selected.

  • Maggie

    Am I correct in thinking that we can use our BritRail passes on the Heathrow Express as long as we have it validated at the airport on that day? Also, if we want to make reservations for some of the train trips we will be taking, is there a charge for BritRail Pass holders to make reservations? How do we go about making those reservations, since we will not need to purchase tickets?

  • RubenBastien

    Yes. You can use your BritRail Pass on the Heathrow Express as long as it is validated on that day. As for reservations, you should note that they are not required in the UK. You can simply show up at the station and board the next train simply using your pass. If you want to book reservations, you can purchase them in advance on or you can book them at any rail stations in the UK at no extra charge.