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  • James Warner

    It would be a great improvement on the website to have maps of your hub cities.

    This will help us plan our lodging arrangements and train scheduling.

    We don’t know where the Manchester stations are relative to where we plan to stay. A map would help us immensely in this planning.

    We wish to travel from Manchester to Oxford on a weekend. We don’t know which station to situate ourselves near to best make this trip.

  • Fred

    Thank you for your kind feedback James. Trains from Manchester to Oxford will depart from Manchester Piccadilly station (which is the main station).

  • ian foote

    East Coast and Virgin were both excellent. Helpful,polite staff,very comfortable,on time and very good inservice.
    Great Western and especially South West were nowhere near as good!Service and food coffee[had to pay on South West-1st class]very poor. South West couldn’t even get the destination right in train. i.e. Display said Exeter next stop although we were coming into Woking. And it stayed at Exeter for rest of journey

  • Ruben

    Hi Ian,

    Thank you for your feedback. I do hope you ended up enjoying your trip. If you have not done so already, please take a few minutes to participate in our survey. We will be giving away a pair of BritRail Passes to one randomly selected entry. Good luck.

  • first timer

    So, What I read is that I don’t need a ticket or reservation with a Britrail pass. Is that right? I just get on the train and get off when I am ready?

  • http://twitter.com/MartinaAstoni G L

    My Husband and I are arriving in London on May 18 and departing on June 8 of 2013. I want to travel all over London and go up north to Newcastle, whitley Bay, Tynemouth, as I grew up there. We also want to hop over to France and Spain if possible. What sort of pass should we get? I want unlimited travel all over the place. Thank you.

  • RubenBastien

    The BritRail Pass is valid in England, Scotland and Wales. You may want to consider a 1 month consecutive pass which would allow for 30 days of unlimited rail travel. Unfortunately, the BritRail Pass is not valid in Europe, you will need to look at other options such as a Eurail Pass.

  • RubenBastien

    Depending on your itinerary, you will generally be using a specific rail station. From Manchester to Oxford, for example, you will always leave out of the Manchester Piccadilly train station. Piccadilly is also the main Manchester train station which is why it’s best known simply as the Manchester train station.

  • RubenBastien

    That’s right! Reservations are not required in the UK. This means that you can hop on and off any day train with a BritRail Pass.

  • chi

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