BritRail Introduces the BritRail South West Pass

A new rail pass with a focus on Britain’s Southwest

BritRail is pleased to announce that its newest rail pass, the BritRail South West Pass, will be available worldwide on March 1st, 2013. The BritRail South West Pass includes travel from London, through the lush hills of the Cotswolds, along England’s scenic coastline and onto popular stops in Wales, including Cardiff and Swansea.

The BritRail South West Pass provides visitors with the flexibility to travel throughout Great Britain’s charming Southwest region, while enjoying unlimited train trips on each travel day and the ability to hop on and off trains en route. For example, pass holders can begin their journey in London where some of the world’s most visited sights and attractions await, then discover the city of Bath, with its Roman baths and Georgian architecture, head to Oxford, the home of England’s oldest university, and visit Windsor Castle, Salisbury Cathedral, King Arthur’s round table in Winchester and any stop in between.

The Southwest coast also boasts popular destinations and beautiful seaside resorts such as Torquay, Dawlish, Teignmouth, Bournemouth and Portsmouth. Additionally, travelers can head to St. Ives’ beach and be in for a truly scenic ride through Cornwall and Devon. The journey includes stops in the picturesque waterfront towns of Exeter, Plymouth and Penzance along the way; the ideal getaway for leisure travel and family holidays!  The region also has a number of golf courses near Bristol, Newquay, Barnstable, plus, Celtic Manor Resort in South Wales which hosted the 2010 Ryder Cup, where golf enthusiasts can play a few rounds while taking in the stunning surrounding landscapes.

The BritRail South West Pass is available in First or Standard Class. And for those looking for the complete First Class experience, we suggest the UK’s only on-train fine dining restaurant, Pullman Dining, which is available on select departures for lunch between Plymouth and London and dinner between London and Penzance. With a range of validities from 3 days to 1 month, this rail pass covers most mainline and branch line carriages operated by First Great Western, South West Trains and Heathrow Express trains. With over 280 rail stations, the BritRail South West Pass offers great value and convenience for travel in the UK’s Southwest region.

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  • bob221b1

    Perfect for Bath, Cardiff and Oxford.

  • Jeff

    I would like to buy a 8 consecutive day pass starting 22 June. However, I will be leaving the US tomorrow for London. Can I pick up the ticket in the UK?

  • RubenBastien

    You would need to purchase your rail pass prior to departure as we must ship it to your address. I would suggest you contact our Call Center to see if there is anything they can do to help. You can find our contact information by following this link:

  • Nicola

    we are planing to go to the cotswolds. where can we get detailed information about train stops?

  • Annie

    Had two bad experiences with two different passes: agents incorrectly filled in travel dates (killing one of our four allowed travel dates) and ignored vouchers for the airport express trains. What’s up with what looks like a widespread lack of training? Already checked–we absolutely cannot retrieve those travel days. Not much of a value for money so far (we each have the London Plus pass with rail vouchers as part of the ‘value’).

  • s

    when you buy a flexible pass, do you have to use up your free days in a calendar months (let’s say August) or can you buy a ticket that starts on, let’s say, august 6th, and use up your days till september 6th?

  • RubenBastien

    If you validate your pass on august 6th, you will have until about september 6th to use up your travel days.

  • Ali

    Can I use my britRail flexi pass to go to Brussels in the eurostar?

  • Maria Ines Arnaude

    I’m planning a tripfor next year, does the BritRail Pass include all these South West lines?

  • RubenBastien

    The BritRail Pass is valid on all the rail lines in the UK, including the ones specific to the BritRail South West Pass. The only exception would be special attraction trains.