BritRail’s Extra Day Promotion

Enjoy even greater value on passes purchased between March 15th and April 15th

Following an exciting year of events that put Britain in the spotlight, namely the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics, travelers from around the world have been inspired to visit Britain and experience this vibrant destination first hand. And with so many beautiful locations and attractions featured in the global coverage of these events, what better way to explore England, Scotland and Wales far and wide, than with a BritRail Pass?!  Especially as BritRail Passes purchased between March 15th and April 15th, 2013 are offering up even greater value, thanks to an extra travel day added to your pass for free!

The BritRail Extra Day Promotion is offered on BritRail Passes and BritRail England Passes, in first or standard class and is available in a wide range of validities, anywhere from 3 days to 1 month of travel, plus an extra day of course! Just purchase your pass between March 15th and April 15th to take advantage of this promotion and note that since BritRail Passes are valid for six months from the date of purchase, you can use your pass to travel anytime in the summer and beyond.

To further sweeten the deal, this promotion can be combined with BritRail’s range of discount Passes, including the BritRail Party Pass (up to 50% off on the third through ninth passengers), BritRail Family Pass (one child per adult travels free), BritRail Senior Pass (up to 15% off in first class), BritRail Youth Pass (up to 20% off in first or standard class), Eurail Pass Holder Rate (up to 50% off for youth with a valid Eurail Pass) and the BritRail Guest Pass (up to 25% off for you and a British resident).

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  • Erick

    Just to clarify. I’m wanting to get an 8-day consecutive pass. Does this “free day” tack onto that to effectively make it a pass for 9 consecutive days? Or can I use the 8 day pass, stay in a place for a few days, and then use that “free day” by itself?

    Also, when I go to check out, it lists the free day as an extra item for purchase. It has “First day of use: 2013-05-17.” My 8-day pass also has “2013-05-17″ as the first day of use. These don’t overlap or anything do they? Thanks

  • RubenBastien

    If you purchase an 8-day consecutive pass, you receive an extra day allowing you to travel for 9 consecutive days. The extra day shows as a separate item because it is an extra coupons that will be included in your ticket jacket. You need not worry about the date on the pass and the coupon as they will not overlap. In fact, your consecutive days will only start on the day you validate your pass at the rail station.

  • AZWunderlust

    I am looking at buying first class party pass for 9 people. The pass would be for 3 days use within a month. Would that mean we would get 4 days within the month?

  • RubenBastien

    Exactly, your pass will allow you to travel on 4 different days within a month. When you make your purchase, you will see your pass in your shopping cart plus another item which would be your extra day. Remember since it’s a party pass, everyone will need to travel together as you only receive a single pass for the whole party.

  • J.P.


    We are looking to buy the London Plus pass starting September 7. We understand that there is a Heathrow express ticket included. Does it mean we can use this ticket only on Sept. 7 or can we use it before (upon our arrival at Heathrow Sept. 1st) ?

  • RubenBastien

    The coupons that are included with the London Plus Pass can be used any time and you do not have to validate your pass to be able to use them.

  • JOE

    I am from China. I planed to travel from cambridge to Surrey and stay in London city for the night at 11 April. Would London Plus pass work ok for me, if I book it now? Any suggestions?

  • RubenBastien

    The London Plus Pass is valid on the trains traveling between the two cities you mention. Note however that the Extra Day Promotion does not apply to the London Plus Pass. It is only valid on the BritRail and the BritRail England Pass. If you want more information on the approximate time for delivery, I would suggest you visit our shipping page :

  • Adam

    just to clarify: if i would like to travel around UK – let us say – in August and I buy the BritRail ticket for 5 (+1 extra) days, it means, that I can choose 6 days on which I can travel anytime, anywhere where this ticket is valid. So for example I can travel on the 5th of August, 13th of August, 14th of August and so on. And if I start my one-day-travel at 9:52 AM this ticket will be valid for the next morning 9:52 AM?

  • RubenBastien

    As you mentioned, the BritRail Pass in your example would be valid for 6 different travel days (5 days +1). If you purchased a BritRail Flexi Pass, you can pick any 6 days within a period of 2 months. You start your travel on August 5th, you can pick any 6 days before about October 5th. If you purchased a BritRail Consecutive Pass, then you start on August 5th and you can travel until August 10th. In both cases you can take as many trains as you want in a single day of travel, however a day of travel is between 12:00am and 11:59pm. In your example, trains you would board the next morning would count towards your 2nd day of travel.

  • Viviane

    We are planning (2 adults over 26 years old) to travel to England from Paris for 12 days. We plan to visit London (3 days), Scotland (3 days), Oxford (day trip), Cambridge (day trip), Winsor (day trip), Bath (day trip), (day trip) Stonehenge (day trip), York (day trip). Which pass do you suggest us to buy so that we can have the most savings?

  • RubenBastien

    Hi Viviane,

    Since you’re traveling to England and Scotland, the best choice would be the BritRail Pass. Then, the next step is to determine on how many different days you will be taking the train since you may be staying over for 12 days but only use the train for a portion of those days. You should look into a BritRail Flexi Pass with maybe 8 days of travel and see if it fits your itinerary or consider a BritRail Consecutive Pass valid for 15 days which would definitely cover the entire period. Keep in mind that you can take advantage of the extra day promotion until April 15 and receive an additional travel day with the BritRail or BritRail England pass of your choice.

  • Viviane

    Thanks a lot for your quick response! :)

  • Vi

    Can I use a debit card to pay for the rail tickets ?

  • RubenBastien

    We accept Visa or MasterCard for payment method. As long as your debit card is with one of those two institutions, there should be no problem. You can always contact our Call Center for more information regarding payment methods:

  • usachan

    Sorry,my English is very poor.
    If I buy ‘BRITRAIL ENGLAND CONSECUTIVE Passes 3 days’ + Extra Day Promotion.
    This means, example, 15 Aug – 17 Aug and 18 Aug(= Extra Day Promotion) ?
    I can’t use 12 Aug(= Extra Day Promotion) and 15 Aug – 17 Aug ?

  • RubenBastien

    Unfortunately no, you will only be able to use your extra day on a consecutive pass before or after your travel period. In your example, the extra day could either be used on august 14 or august 18.

  • Pierre

    how about buying the flexipass, how can i use the free day promotion?

  • RubenBastien

    You can then use your extra day anytime within the 2 months your pass is active.

  • Pierre

    I am planning to Weymouth from London at 29/7. Then I may go to Bath Spa at 30/7, Coventery at 31/7. Then I will be heading to Durham at 1/8 and turning back to London at 4/8. Would you recommend the cheapest way to finish this trip? Is that cheaper if I buy the early booking cheapest ticket? Because I checked that some of the trip is not too expensive like London to Weymouth with early booking? Or should I buy the flexipass for 3 days with one day promotion that I can use for the expensive travel like Durham to London?

  • RubenBastien

    The great thing with the BritRail Pass is the flexibility it gives you. You may end up adding trips or stay longer than what you had planned initially. In your case you would be looking at a BritRail England Pass. Of course point-to-point tickets may also be a good option depending on what you want to do and how much room you have on your schedule. In some cases, the Tickets on Departure will offer substantial discounts on the regular price when booked early. The downside is that they are non refundable and must be used on the date and time specified on the ticket.

    In the end, the decision is yours, but it looks like a 4 day pass + the extra day (5 actual days of travel) covers all the travel you mentioned above and remember the Heathrow and Gatwick Express can also be boarded with a Pass. If not, a 3 day pass and point to point tickets on the least expensive routes could be interesting as well.

    Whether you’re considering point to point tickets, a rail pass or a combination of both, I would invite you to contact our Call Center for more details on your different options. The contact information can be found on this link:

  • Roger

    I am travelling to England at end of May. Would I be able to travel from London to Folkstone to Sheffield and then Wilmslow to Charbury and back to London on one pass? Are there any trains I cannot ride?

  • RubenBastien

    BritRail Passes are valid on all trains part of the National Rail System in the UK. You can use a BritRail Pass on any traveling train in the UK. According to your itinerary, it seems like you would be best served with a BritRail England Pass.

  • W.kingkaew

    I will depart from Bangkok / Thailand this Saturday 20th, if I buy on Tuesday 16th , is that ok ?
    Will I get the pass in time ?

  • shukmun

    If I purchase BritRail Pass now, do I still have one day promotion?

  • RubenBastien

    Unfortunately, the BritRail Extra Day Promotion ended on April 15th.

  • sumin

    I bought Britrail pass already and received. (Consecutive 8 Days)
    But i have problem, so i have to change first day of use.
    is it possible?
    fist day of use : 2013.08.26 but i want to advace

  • Su min

    I bought Britrail pass already and received. (Consecutive 8 Days, I paid cost at April 11)
    But i have problem, so i have to change first day of use.
    I wrote first day of use 2013.08.26
    so, I saw valid from 26/08/2013 until 21/02/2014
    but I want to advance 4days – first day of use: 2013.08.22
    Is it possible?
    And if i can change possible,what i have to do?

  • RubenBastien

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to change the date on your current pass. Your option would be to exchange this pass for a new one. You should contact our Call Center for details on how you can send back your pass and place your new order. The contact information can be found on this link: Note that the new pass will not include the extra day.

  • Mon

    I will go to London on 5/10 and travel between London, York,… and Inverness, and plan to buy Consecutive 8 days pass, do you know any discount of special offer, if we are group of 2. Also, any advance booking charges for overnight train for Inverness to Crewe. How long we can get the train pass if we buy the BritRail Pass in Hong Kong via internet, are we need to wait for the pass to book the overnight train in advance? Thanks alot !