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What is a BritRail Pass?
A BritRail Pass is a ticket that allows you unlimited travel by train within the zones of Great Britain and duration you choose.
Am I eligible for a BritRail Pass?
You can buy a BritRail Pass if you are not a UK resident.  Anyone who has lived in the United Kingdom for the last six months or more is not entitled to buy a BritRail Pass.
What are the benefits in purchasing a BritRail Pass?
Click here to see Pass Benefits page
What National Rail train companies can I use my BritRail Pass on?
There are over 20 Train Operating Companies (TOC's) making up the National Rail network of Great Britain. You can use your BritRail Pass on all National Rail trains within the boundary of your specific pass. You can also use the two open access operators that run on the National Rail network within your specific pass boundary - Grand Central Railway and Hull Trains. (View a map of the TOC's here - please note BritRail Passes are not allowed on London Underground or Eurostar)
Can I purchase a BritRail Pass when I am at in Britain?
No. Please remember to buy your BritRail Pass before leaving your country, as BritRail Passes cannot be purchased when in Britain. You can purchase online via our BritRail specialsits.
Consecutive or Flexi Pass?
Consecutive BritRail Passes give you travel for as many days as you choose continuously in a row. For example an 8 day consecutive pass that starts on 11th February will expire at the end of 18th February, making 8 straight days of travel.
Flexible BritRail passes give you travel for as many days as you choose within one month. For example an 8 day flexible pass that starts on 11th February will expire on 10th March and you have 8 individual days of travel (of your choice) to use between these dates.

Am I entitled to a discount if I am a Youth or a Senior?
Youth and Senior discounts apply to most BritRail Passes, however, please check the conditions of each pass as some do not give Youth or Senior discounts.

Can children travel with a BritRail Pass?
Yes. Children between 5 – 15 (inclusive) are entitled to a child discount of 50% of the adult price. Certain BritRail Passes also offer free child discount, please check when booking. Children travelling between the ages of 0 - 4 (inclusive) do not need to pay for a pass if they do not take up a seat (i.e: sit on parent's lap)

Do children go free with a full paying adult?
Yes, every adult (or senior) travelling on a full paying BritRail Pass, BritRail England Pass or BritRail South West Pass, can take one child with them for free. The child will still need a BritRail Pass but the value will be zero. Any further children will pay the normal child rate BritRail Pass.
Are there any further discounts available?
Yes, beyond youth and senior discounts, BritRail Passes have the following discounts:
Saver Pass: groups of 3 – 9 people travelling get 20% off their pass
Low Season Discount: during the low season months (winter) BritRail Passes are discounted
Free Day promotion: for a limited period, a free day is added to passes purchased between certain times. This is not at the same time every year, so keep watching the home page!
Which Durations are there?
BritRail Pass, BritRail England Pass, BritRail London Plus Pass and BritRail South West Pass have durations of 3, 4, 8, 15 days Flexible or 3, 4, 8, 15, 22 days and 1 Month Consecutive
BritRail Freedom of Scotland Passes have a Flexible duration of 4 days within 8 days or 8 days within 15 days.
BritRail Central Scotland Pass has a Flexible duration of 3 days within 7 days
BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass has a Flexible duration of 4 days within 8 days.


Which passes include ferry travel?
The only ferry services included in the BritRail pass range are as follows:
BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass – All Caledonian Macbrayne services and some Argyll Ferries services. See the benefits page for this pass for more details.
BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass - Caledonian Macbrayne Oban – Mull and Mallaig – Skye. See the benefits page for this pass for more details


Is a BritRail Pass valid on buses and coaches?
The BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass allows you to travel on several bus and coach routes in Scotland, please see the BritRail Freedom of Scotland Benefits page.
The BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass allows you to travel on several bus and coach routes in Scotland, please see the BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass Benefits page.
The only other buses or coaches that a BritRail Pass is valid on, are those provided by the railway in the case of a rail replacement service.

Is the Eurostar included in my BritRail Pass?
No. Eurostar is not included in the BritRail Pass range. However, a discount may be available by showing your BritRail Pass when booking at the Eurostar ticket office on the day of travel.

What is included in the BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass?
See the BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass Benefits page.

Placing your Order:

Where can I purchase my BritRail Pass?
If you want to purchase a BritRail Pass online, you can visit our BritRail specialist agent’s page. Many travel agents and tour operators around the world also sell BritRail on its own or as part of a package holiday.

Why should I buy a BritRail Pass?
A BritRail Pass is for you if you plan to travel on several different days when in Britain, or more than just a return journey. BritRail is competitively priced compared with purchasing individual tickets.

How far in advance can I buy my Pass?
BritRail Passes can be purchased six months in advance

What is the difference between Standard and First Class travel?
Standard Class carriages in Britain give you a good quality comfortable seat and the chance to reserve your seat, especially for the long journeys. First Class carriages are often quieter, offer wider seats, more legroom and less seats per carriage than Standard Class. In some cases First Class services include snacks and drinks at seat and free WiFi. Not all trains in Britain provide First Class.

Are railway staff discounts available when purchasing my BritRail Pass?


Your Trip:

How do I validate my pass?
When you wish to start using your pass, simply take it to the ticket office of your first departure point and get the staff to validate it with their stamp. (If your first departure point does not have a ticket office, you can board the train but must validate it at your next change point or destination, whichever comes first?)

How do I make a reservations?
It is currently not possible to make reservations outside of Britain but mainline National Rail stations will be happy to make reservations for you when you arrive. We recommend making the reservations you know that you will need at your soonest convenience. You will not need to validate your BritRail Pass to make a reservation in avance of it starting, you simply need to show it as evidence you hold a valid pass.

How often can I travel?
If you qualify for a BritRail Pass (see Am I eligible for a BritRail Pass? In FAQ’s) then you can travel as much as you want within the days you purchase.
Can I travel during Peak Hours?
Yes, a BritRail Pass will allow you to travel at any time of day, including peak hour times, during your chosen pass duration. The only exceptions to this rule are:
The BritRail Freedom of Scotland Pass, which cannot be used to travel before 09:15 on Mondays to Fridays, except between Glasgow-Oban/Fort William/Mallaig and Inverness-Kyle/Wick/Thurso, which is allowed.
The BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass, which cannot be used on services arriving into Aberdeen and Inverness before 09:00 Monday to Friday.
The BritRail Central Scotland Pass, which are not valid on services timed to depart before 0915 Monday to Friday within the pass boundaries.
BritRail Passes are valid for one month… but how long is a month?
A month on the National Rail network is a calendar month. For example a pass that starts on 11th February will expire on 10th March.

How much luggage can I take?
Customers may take up to three items of personal luggage free of charge, this includes two large items (such as suitcases or rucksacks) and one item of smaller hand luggage (such as a briefcase). Excess luggage and certain more bulky items (such as skis) may be carried, subject to available space, at an extra charge. On Gatwick Express services bulky items such as skis are conveyed free in the luggage van. There is plenty of space on board for other luggage. Click here for further details.

What services are available on the train?

See Our Trains page

Can I take a wheelchair or mobility scooter on board?
All trains allow wheelchairs/scooters if they fold up.  However, there are government regulations in terms of size for wheelchairs/scooters that do not (700mm wide, 1200mm long).  Some older trains have a maximum width of 670mm.

Do all trains and stations offer disabled facilities?
Not all trains. However, all trains will be accessible by year 2020.

Can I take my bicycle with me?
Yes. There is limited space on trains for the carriage of cycles, so please check with your train operator before you travel.

Can I take my pet on the train?
Yes, please click here to visit national rail for further details.

What is the Travel Diary?
Filling out a BritRail Travel Diary gives us information and feedback on what routes BritRail Passholders are travelling. This information will help us to provide better products and destination specific offers to you in the future.

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