Saver Pass

If there are 3 to 9 people travelling in your group then why not take advantage of the BritRail Saver Pass discount.

What’s the catch? … there is none, all you have to do is travel together.

Travel any time of the year and enjoy the freedom of Britain at a 20% reduction in price... and the discount applies to all passengers travelling too!

Enjoy a journey with your family or friends around Britain, book your Saver Pass discount today!


Quick FAQ’s

Which BritRail Passes offer a Saver Pass discount?
The BritRail Pass, BritRail England and BritRail SouthWest Passes offer a Saver Pass discount.


What time of year is the Saver Pass discount offered?
The BritRail Saver Pass discount is available to buy any time of the year.


Who is the Saver Pass discount for?
The Saver Pass discount is for a minimum of three and a maximum of nine adults travelling together. (Senior, Youth and Child rate passes not included.)


Do I get a free child place?
There are no free child places available per-adult on the Saver Pass.
Children travelling with adults who hold a Saver Pass must pay the normal BritRail child price.
Can I travel separately to my friends?
No, all passengers must travel together at all times.


Any further conditions?
Apart from the above conditions, the only other rules are the usual rules that apply to your chosen pass type.