Top BritRail Tips

Before You Leave

  • Reserve your seats on the trains you want before you travel
  • Reserve your hotels in advance as cities can sometimes get sold out in peak times, conferences and events
  • Change your currency to Pounds Sterling (GBP) as no other currency is accepted in Britain
  • Remember your passport, as you will not only need it to arrive into Britain but you will need to produce it along with your BritRail Pass as proof,  if asked by train staff
  • If you are disabled or a passenger needing assistance please remember to book your passenger assist in advance. For more information please visit the "Passengers Needing Assistance" page.

When in Britain

  • Validate your BritRail Pass:
    • Flexi Pass – take your Pass to a ticket office at the station and they will stamp it and start its validity, you have one month in which to use your selected flexi days (one box is valid a full day from 00:00 - 24:00)
    • Consecutive Pass -  when you get your pass validated at the ticket office, it has now started (one day is valid from 00:00 - 24:00)
  • Sleeper validity - for night sleeper trains the following day's date must be used (this is the same for both Flexi and Consecutive passes)

After Your Travel (or as you go along!)