COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Rail Delivery Group (managers of the BritRail Pass) are in regular contact with our BritRail distributors regarding the Coronavirus sitiation. We care about our customers' travelling plans and will update on the situation as and when we receive information.

Current Updates:

  • It is recommended that you check the latest foreign travel information from your national Government's website before coming to Britain.
  • Train services are now coming back to normal after the latest wave of Coronavirus had train operators reduce their timetables
  • If you are planning to travel on the LNER network (London - York - Edinburgh) you must make a compulsory seat reservation before boarding. This can be done here: 
  • Please be aware that the BritRail Spirit of Scotland Pass and BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass have been temporarily withdrawn from sale until timetables and leisure travel returns to normal

Looking to exchange or refund your BritRail Pass?

  • Exchanges/Refunds: The current conditions for customers holding a valid BritRail Pass that can no longer travel due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak are:
    • Have a BritRail Pass but haven't started travelling yet?...
      • Retain your Pass and you can use within the 11 month validity window stated on your Pass (if you are planning to travel to Britain before the end of your Pass validity)
    • Have started your BritRail Pass and had your journey cut short by travel restrictions?...
      • Apply to the retailer you purchased your BritRail Pass through who should apply a pro-rata refund for the days unused
    • Have a BritRail Pass but would like a refund?...
      • Apply to the retailer you purchased your BritRail Pass through for a full refund if you can no longer travel due to Coronavirus (subject to the retailer's refund terms and conditions)