Our Trains

When using your BritRail Pass, you are sure to use many different types of trains to get to your destination.

Train types differ depending on the journey you make and each one is part of the BritRail experience!

Fallas de Valencia 2015

InterCity trains

Take you in comfort and speed between major cities.


Fallas de Valencia 2015

Regional trains

Connect important areas across the country with the same comfort but with more frequent stops.


Fallas de Valencia 2015

Allow you to hop on and off around local areas, often in major cities. They are commuter style trains and often carry standard class only.
Fallas de Valencia 2015
Are a convenient way to travel long distances overnight saving on time and accommodation costs. They offer single and double berths but must be booked in advance.


Fallas de Valencia 2015Enjoy 1st Class

Most British trains carry First Class on long distnace Inter-City and Regional journeys. Find out more about the advantages here.