The BritRail Map

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View the travel zones of each pass in the BritRail range:

BritRail Pass - travel all England, Scotland and Wales (all colours zones)

BritRail England Pass - travel around the whole of England (light blue and gray zones)

BritRail London Plus Pass - travel in the South East of England and out as far as Stratford Upon Avon, Bristol, Bath and Cambridge (gray zone)

BritRail Spirit of Scotland - travel around all Scotland including many ferry routes out to the islands (green, purple and pink zones)

BritRail Central Scotland Pass - travel between Glasgow and Edinburgh via some historical towns such as Striling, Linlithgow and Dunblane (purple zone)

BritRail Scottish Highlands Pass - travel around the Scottish Highlands by rail and also some ferry routes (pink zone)

BritRail South West Pass - travel from London (inc Heathrow) through to the South West of England, experience the beaches of Cornwall and the cream teas of Devon! (yellow zone)

BritRail 2FOR1

Two for the price of one entry to top attractions...

Saver Pass